THRIVE this Holiday Season

I never do holiday messages. But this year I felt compelled to because as client after client was coming in, I noticed stiffness and discomfort and unease in their bodies — a little bit more than normal. As I spoke with them, I realized that with the stress of the holidays, the hustle bustle, how we're trying to fit more things into the same amount of time, more parties, more interactions, more alcohol and sugar. And on top of that the extra financial stress of gift-giving and party-throwing. All this places additional loads on our systems, energetically, emotionally, chemically, physically. All this stress creates acidity in your body. Acidity creates inflammation. Inflammation makes your joints and your parts feel achy. Inflammation makes your tissues feel stiff. Here are FOUR things you can do to alleviate the holiday stress:


Breathe whenever you can bring yourself into a conscious presence. It can be when you are waking up, you could be waiting in line at the store, at a stop light, in between tasks at work. Take a big, long, deep breath. Oxygen is the most fundamental resource our cells need. Without oxygen, your body is triggered to go into fight or flight mode. That is the opposite of the rest/digest/create/repair mode. If you are not in this Parasympathetic Nervous System mode, you are not taking care of and doing proper maintenance of your infrastructure, and that makes us unwell and uneasy in our bodies. So breathing is the first thing.


When you are going to parties, life is about balance. I believe in having fun and having that balance as well. Be selective about the people you are with, the parties you go to, and the treats that you have. Have your holiday treats — be it alcohol or desserts — but be selective to the ones you truly want, not just indulging because it's in front of you or because others are. Take a moment to consciously choose. With the quantity, have you ever noticed this idea of diminishing returns where the first one to three bites, you really taste it? Then the last few bites you may savor, but you don't register the bites in between. Could you have a little bit less? When you are eating, be present, be mindful, feel it, taste it, register it, celebrate it, enjoy it. There is no guilt. Life is about balance. And if you do it in mindfulness, you won't need to do it so often. And then your body won't have to deal with such aftermath. Then on your days away from those parties or feasts, be a little more strict with your food. Decrease your calories, increase water, keep breathing. Infrared saunas can help you detoxify your body.


Increase the flushing of your tissues. Because your body is metabolizing more, there is more waste. So more flushing is needed. That means movement—3D Dynamic Movement is the most efficient and effective way to not only nourish and oxygenate/hydrate your tissues, but also to clear the nooks and crannies of all that junk, so we aren't sitting in our own sewage.


There will always be a new gadget, a new fashion fad to gift your loved ones this holiday season. But the longest lasting gift anyone can have is good health. One of the ways to take care of your precious body is to give it the nourishment it needs through healthy eating and exercise. 3D Dynamic Movement brings vital nutrients, hydration, and oxygen into your cells to slow aging, so you can have many more holidays to come. This month, I am offering a special discount on my specialized work out routines: 3D Dynamic Body Activation and the Turn Back Time series. Body Activation is perfect for people who are already active, but want a more efficient method of movement to detoxify their tissues and bring in oxygen, heat, and nutrients. It will unlock your body, helping your different parts communicate and work in synergy. Turn Back Time is for people who need stability and a slower pace. It has three positions, so you can perform these work outs standing, sitting, or lying down. This routine is perfect for those with mobility issues. So this year, do it in a different way. Enjoy it, but do it smarter. Help your loved ones start the new year right, after a holiday of abundance and joy.


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