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From 1-on-1 to small groups, I offer several ways for basic training at my onsite studio or remotely/online


One-on-one private sessions where undivided attention can be focused on your needs joint mechanics, technique, fatigue level, motivation, emotional state, goals, etc.

Private lessons are a gift if you get the opportunity to experience them. As life progresses there are few situations when you get the benefit of a professional focusing only on you, attending to your health and your needs.

Private lessons are essential for someone who has pain or injury so that a proper assessment can be conducted.

Partnered sessions provide the benefits of personal training but with more fun, accountability, motivation and perhaps a little competition (or not).

Partner with a friend, spouse, teammate, co-worker or even your child.


Peaking for an event? Let's strategize & fine tune your nutrition, movement, and mental programming to optimize your output and thus your experience.

Performance and Event Preparation


Peaking: gearing your body up for a given event or season.

Looking your best. Feeling your best. Moving your best.

Whether for a competition, surgery, wedding, excursion, performance, reunion or pregnancy, we will devise a strategic method to fine tune your nutrition, movement, and mental programming to optimize your output and thus your experience.


Pain relief and injury rehabilitation through mindful movements and customized sessions using Applied Functional Science.

Pain Relief and Injury Rehabilitation


When I first started teaching fitness over two decades ago, it was all about looks. Unfortunately, looking leaner usually came at the expense of health.

Now, FUNCTION…how you FEEL…is where it’s at. When you take care of the health of function, good looks naturally follow.

As a young trainer, I thought I had done my job well if you felt worn out at the end of the workout. Now, my goal is for you to feel better than when you started…supple, strong, at ease, exhilarated, and pain free…in your mind and in your body.

Applied Functional Science (AFS)


Movement therapies are based on Applied Functional Science (AFS)

AFS is the integration of the Physical, Biological and Behavioral sciences

  • Physical Mechanical

  • Biological – Physiological/Chemical

  • Behavioral – Mental/Emotional

Core Strategy of AFS: To Create and Manage Each Unique Environment With the Utilization of Drivers To Encourage the Desired Chain Reaction Transformation.

Click here for more on AFS from the Gray Institute…

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